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PLEASE HELP ME I WAS ALWAYS TOLD I WAS A GOOD DOG! If you agree with this please SPEAK UP! Remember these puppies are only THREE DAYS to a WEEK OLD! They are INNOCENT! PUNISH the DEED not the BREED!!!!!! Feel free to message or leave comments!!! This is MURDER!!!!!!

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columbus ohio, 43229

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Member since: 10/31/2007 5:57:59 AM

Date of Birth: 1920-8-1

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Name: danielle stewart

Gender: May 1 1987

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IF YOU HAVE A HEART YOU WILL HELP PUT A STOP TO THIS!!!!! Do you think its right to punish pitbulls because of the owners actions? Why are innocent puppies getting put down because their mothers were raised to be killers? It would be considered murder if we were killing innocent babies because their mothers were raised to be killers! So why are we doing it to innocent animals? Millions of them die everyday! It is cruel to put down every single one of them because people are making them killers! Dont HATE the BREED HATE the PEOPLE behind it!PLEASE HELP TO STOP THIS IT IS MURDER!!!Please let me know how you feel and your opinions I would love to hear them!

FromDate PostedComment
10/31/2007 4:11:05 PMIt is nice to see people using MyBizZone to promote good causes, good luck with your effort. Sincerely Tim
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