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Invest in MyBizZone


Invest in MyBizZone

Do you think this website is a good idea? Have you heard of Myspace, Facebook, Amazon, Monster, or Ebay? We are sure you have heard of at least one of these names considering you are using the Internet right now. Do you know the estimated and market cap. values of some of these sites? We do, and we have formed you a list of these values below:

  • Market Cap = 44.6 Billion, that's $44,600,000,000. according to Google finances as of 11-12-07
  • Market Cap = 32.8 Billion, that's $32,800,000,000 according to Google finances as of 11-12-07
  • is an estamated net worth of 20 Billion, that's $20,000,000,000 according to various sources on the web.
  • is an estamated net worth of 12 Billion, that's $12,000,000,000 according to Microsoft who just bought them for this price.
  • Market Cap = 4.59 Billion, that's $4,590,000,000 according to Google finances as of 11-12-07

We don't know about you, but we really wish we could own a portion  of these companies. Even if we just owned 1% of these companies we would have an estimated worth of:

  • Ebay 1% of 44.6 Billion is $446,000,000
  • Amazon 1% of 32.8 Billion is $328,000,000
  • Myspace 1% of 20 Billion is $200,000,000
  • Facebook 1% of 12 Billion is $120,000,000
  • Monster 1% of 4.59 Billion is $45,900,000

Wow, that is quit a bit of money. If you could go back 5-10 years ago and buy 1% of these companies for $5000, $10000, $100000, or even $1000000, would you? We sure would. If we would have invested $1,000,000 for a 1% buy in Monster, our return would be $45,000,000, and that is a very nice return.

Now you have this opportunity with MyBizZone. We feel that MyBizZone has huge potential and we are going to give you a chance to get in on it. We are going to sell 1% Pieces of our Company, up to 25%. You can bid on the first 1% of our company buy filling out the form below. If we feel that you are a qualified bidder your bid will be accepted and posted here. Don't miss the opportunity of a lifetime, place your bid below now!

Mission Statement
To allow individuals and smaller companies to easily create and manage any website they can imagine. The reason we will accomplish this is because we believe that other sites our overpriced and misguided to what individuals really want from a website. As the MyBizZone grows  and improves it will created an online community where people can express themselves, communicate with other people or companies, sell products and services, and do this without any cost to our customers while creating a profit that increases yearly through our advertisements and professional services.

Current Bid $1000 for 1% stake in MyBizZone

Place your Bid Below

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(Once bid is approved we will post it here!)


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